Tanka Bar review

tanka buffalo meat protein bar

Protein bars from the prairie

Let’s start our Tanka Bar review with what this bar is and where it comes from:  it is a buffalo meat-and-cranberries bar straight from the South Dakota prairie.  These bars are Native American-made and a great afternoon pick-me-up.  Their website makes their commitment to quality clear and it is easy to like both the company and the protein bar.  There are actually a variety of other products as well, from bites and meat sticks to trail mix.  You can get these bars in boxes and cases as well as variety packs, so there are lots of choices.


You can see the link to the health statements page for more information about their products, but they mention that most of their products are free of the most common allergens, and that they are very careful in their production process. They are even particular in how the animals are raised. They state that the bar is certified gluten-free.

Texture and ingredients

This bar is chewy, moist, and slightly sweet because of the cranberries.  It is definitely not the dried-meat-jerky texture. The slow-smoked original bar has 7 grams of protein and makes a great afternoon pick-me-up.  Here’s the link to the ingredients and nutrition label of the slow-smoked original bar.

Flavors available

These basic bars are available in slow-smoked original, apple orange peel, jalapeno, coffee hatch chile, and spicy pepper.

Flavors review

I have only tried the slow smoked original, so you will have to let me know how you like the other flavors.  However, out of a sample size of 3 (my other half, my mom, and me) we all like the original.


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